Alex De Bruycker

Out of an urge to give an extra dimension to his photographs, Alex De Bruycker started end of 2017 first experiments with overpainting them, not through the use of digital techniques but with acrylic paint.

The handling, having a brush in the hand, and the obtained veil effect was the trigger to look for a suitable support to paint on. 

De Bruycker stretches and paints fine measures of chiffon over a partly visible wooden frame 'corpus', creating an expanded dimension in his work that manifests itself in between painting and sculpture.

By applying physical layers in his work, in which he controls varying extents of opacity and translucency, the artist creates a ‘veil’ that masks and reveals areas of each painting. 

He employs advanced technical skill to create reductive formal compositions by applying thin washes of acrylic paint onto the delicate stretched surfaces of his works, carefully developing colour combinations to further suggest depth and compositional space.

In his early works, such as 'Dominant Gelb' De Bruycker’s love for minimalist architecture and composition is clearly evident.

Experiments with sizing techniques suggest the potential to incite multiple viewing sensations in De Bruycker’s ongoing explorations of the sensual and illusionary possibilities of painting, emphasized by assembling accidental marks and chances. 

Alex De Bruycker lives and works in Maarkedal, Belgium.


1968, Ghent - Belgium 




1986-1990  Master in textiles



2020     Art Matters 2, online group show @ Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne(D) 29/11/20 till 13/12/2020

2020     Solo @ studio AM Designs, Antwerpen(B) 27/05/2020 till 12/09/2020

2020     Art Matters, online group show @ Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne(D) 12/04/2020 till 26/04/2020

2020     Geen titel/No title, group show @ Ruimte P60, Assen(NL) 01/03/2020 till 23/03/2020

2019     Relikwie, duo show with Peggy Wauters @ Galerie Van Caelenberg, Aalst(B) 10/01/2019 till 16/03/2019


2018     Intimacy, group show @ S&H De Buck, Gent(B) 07/12/2018 till 30/12/2018


2018     Metamorphose, solo show paintings @ Backtodesign, Knokke (B) 31/03/2018 till 20/07/2018


2017     Summer expo 'Black to the future' @ C-Mine, Genk (B) 16/06/2017 till 03/09/2017


2017     Märchenwald @ CC Elckerlyc, Antwerp (B) 06/02/17

2016     Sentimos - Portretten en landschappen @ Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent (B) 02/09/16 till 09/10/2016


2016     Exposition @ Nape Arsenale in Venice 19/03 till 02/04

2015     Stories of Identity @ Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent (B) 12/06/2015 till 30/08/2015

2015     Beyond architecture’ with Wim Carrein paintings @ De Directeurswoning, Roeselare (B), 06/06 till 28/06

2015     Momentum’ with Virginie Besengez Ceramist @ Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent (B), 15/05 till 21/06

2014     Architectuur anders belicht’ – ‘Architecture enlightened’ @ Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent (B), 01/10/2014 – 05/11/2014


2019     BAD, Gent(B) 10/10/2019 till 13/10/2019





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